cheers, me dear

And then we both go down together
We may stay there forever
I’ll just try to get up
And I’m sorry, this wasn’t easy
When I asked, you believed me
You never let go

But I let go

dreamcast (remake) → rocky horror picture show

yeah you tre-e-ek meeeee

young blood chronicles (6/11)


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please get off of my photoset i don’t care

greatest regret of my life. not one i wish upon anyone.

Brief Update

Hey, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. When I left London, my computer got a virus, and when I went to get it fixed, they deleted some of my system files, including some that I needed for Photoshop to run. I’ve been meaning to reinstall and everything, but I’ve been busy readjusting to ‘merica and trying to find summer work. I have some sets planned out, just no way to execute them at the moment! Thanks for sticking with me! :) 

Hello! Can you please refresh the links for the glee songs? None of them is working. Thank you :)

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get a notification; I don’t know how long this has been in my inbox, hopefully not long!

If you could tell me which links you’ve run into that are broken, I can definitely work on fixing it. I know I’m terribly far behind on that masterpost as it is, but now that the semester’s over, I should have some time to fix it.

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i’m sorry are there characters other than benji

benji is literally perfect in every way. like, he needs to be our best friend.

skylar in pitch perfect (2/?)

Eep, lots of new followers today after posting those New Girl photosets! Thanks so much lovelies! I can’t follow back on this blog because it’s a sideblog, so if I do follow back it will be on my personal blog, merchel.

Welcome bbs, glad you guys like the stuff I’ve put up today :3

winston + singing (1/?)