cheers, me dear

Just to make sure y’all are aware:

I haven’t made any graphics/sets in a long ass time

but my personal blog has basically just become a My Mad Fat Diary blog

and this blog is definitely following that trend, so if I start posting more frequently, it will be mostly mmfd, so prepare yourselves.

And then we both go down together
We may stay there forever
I’ll just try to get up
And I’m sorry, this wasn’t easy
When I asked, you believed me
You never let go

But I let go

dreamcast (remake) → rocky horror picture show

yeah you tre-e-ek meeeee

young blood chronicles (6/11)


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please get off of my photoset i don’t care

greatest regret of my life. not one i wish upon anyone.

Brief Update

Hey, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. When I left London, my computer got a virus, and when I went to get it fixed, they deleted some of my system files, including some that I needed for Photoshop to run. I’ve been meaning to reinstall and everything, but I’ve been busy readjusting to ‘merica and trying to find summer work. I have some sets planned out, just no way to execute them at the moment! Thanks for sticking with me! :) 

Hello! Can you please refresh the links for the glee songs? None of them is working. Thank you :)

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get a notification; I don’t know how long this has been in my inbox, hopefully not long!

If you could tell me which links you’ve run into that are broken, I can definitely work on fixing it. I know I’m terribly far behind on that masterpost as it is, but now that the semester’s over, I should have some time to fix it.

catherineaddington replied to your photoset: skylar in pitch perfect (2/?)

i’m sorry are there characters other than benji

benji is literally perfect in every way. like, he needs to be our best friend.

skylar in pitch perfect (2/?)

Eep, lots of new followers today after posting those New Girl photosets! Thanks so much lovelies! I can’t follow back on this blog because it’s a sideblog, so if I do follow back it will be on my personal blog, merchel.

Welcome bbs, glad you guys like the stuff I’ve put up today :3

winston + singing (1/?)